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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Film sketch

...but can you name the film?


  1. I can indeed - you draw an eerily compelling Keira Knightley, Will! Nice drawing.

  2. thanks rob, and well spotted, sir! i believe you have the right film.

  3. Yes, a decent film of an even better book. Love the effect you've used for the water here - and I've just spotted the ciggie hidden behind her back. Nice little detail.

  4. ah, now that's well spotted, too! she didn't have the ciggie in the still i was drawing from, but i remembered she was smoking in the scene in the film so i put it in... but i fear it gets a bit lost.

  5. oh, and -- haven't read the book.
    shame on me.

  6. I got this right on Twitter yesterday ... so I'm here to claim my prize ;-)

    I echo Rob's comments, particularly on the water effect. Also "decent film of an even better book" is about right. Haven't read the graphic novel yet though, so get drawing Will!

  7. i did consider offering a prize... but then reconsidered.
    been fun though -- might make it a regular -- i've got another one ready to go, might be a bit harder, i fancy...

  8. Pre-emptive guess: Weekend at Bernies.

    Where's my prize?

  9. haha -- nice try, tim!
    regrettably... nope.