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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mr Meecher update

My character Mr Meecher The Uncool Teacher continues in The Dandy -- this week his lesson plan really is a pile of crap. It's out tomorrow, folks!

The good news for Meecher fans is the current run, which was twelve, has been extended -- i've been asked to draw more Meecher, no number specified at this stage.

Here's a little Meecher extra: The first character design i did. I'd already had this approved by the ed when i decided on changing him -- I didn't like the ponytail, but mainly i wised up to the fact that a character i'm going to be drawing a lot should maybe not have quite such a complicated outfit. 
EDIT -- While we're in Meecher mode, there's an interview with Dandy editor Craig Graham, plus another chance to read the very first, slightly awkward-looking Meecher strip, here.

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