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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Around the world in my pencil case

Swimming pool.


  1. This is really excellent, Will. Especially the kid hanging in mid-air. When were these done?

    Really enjoying them - more please!

  2. Many thanks Rob :D
    Your question makes me think you might be imagining i drew them on the spot -- not the case, i'm afraid -- they were drawn recently, from photos in the paper.

  3. Yes, I wasn't sure whether these were based on your own trips (recent or long ago), or from photos. Either way, they're very nice indeed.

  4. Just love these. Wish they were a bit bigger so I could linger over the drawing a bit more.

  5. Thanks Mike!
    Guess i have been a bit stingy with the size...
    Maybe i'll look at that for the future.