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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This week's Dandy...

...sees the last Rocky's Horror Show of this initial season (except for a Christmas one to come later)

If you've enjoyed Rocky's Horror Show and want to see it return to The Dandy, get in touch with the editor and let him know!

Elsewhere, this week's Mr Meecher the Uncool Teacher strip is notable for the fact that Mr Meecher doesn't appear in it! It's another strip loosely based on the harsh realities of my (short) career as a teacher...

Plus of course all the usual great stuff from the rest of The Dandy squad, including a new contributor -- my cartooning pal Royston Robertson's 9 year old son Fergus came up with this week's Lord Booger idea for The Bogies. Go Fergus!


  1. Thanks for the mention for the Bogies strip, Will. We were amused that Lord Booger starts off by saying "You're fired!" to Fergus and the artist!

    When you say the Meecher strip is based on your experiences as a teacher, do you mean that that actually happened to you?!

  2. er, well, yes, something not entirely dissimilar.