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Thursday, 15 March 2012

New Dandy characters!

Crikey, is it a fortnight since I blogged? You'd think I'd been busy, wouldn't you? (Not particularly)
Well, I'm back to announce some new characters in this week's Dandy...

First up, a new mini-strip, called Angry Nerds. Here's a preview of the handsome devils of the title...
But there's also a new character in Mr Meecher The Uncool Teacher -- Meech visits the local pet shop to buy a new pet for the class... I'm not going to preview him here as he doesn't appear til the final frame, but he's back in the next two weeks' Meecher stories. So you'd better get used to him, see.
Tons of other great stuff in there too, as always. Laters, dudes.


  1. He he, this looks hilarious. The one on the right has my profile! Will have to treat myself to a Dandy next week.

    1. heh, thanks tom, and, um... sympathy re the profile.