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Thursday, 12 July 2012

You wait ages for a debut...

...and then two come along at once...

Following the debut of Useleus in The Phoenix, a new feature begins in the current issue of Private Eye, entitled Forgotten Moments In Music History. It's another of those collaborations I've been on about -- I'm on art duties again, the series is written by the witty Mr Rik Edwards.

I say series... I'm not entirely sure how committed the Eye are to running this as a regular, so we'll have to see. They first expressed an interest in it in the New Year, but considering the time that had passed, I was quite surprised when I got a call saying they were going to use this one. I had thought Forgotten Moments had been.. well -- forgotten.


  1. And "It Was'nt Me" in The Dandy!

  2. Being an eye subscriber, they've used a few and based on their other series it'll run as long as you can produce art for it.
    Excellent work sir!

    1. Thank you very much, kind anonymous person.
      However, I'm afraid I think regulars can be canned at the editor's whim... remember iBores? The Directors? The artists are both still about, I believe...