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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Useleus #3 in the latest issue of The Phoenix

Yep, Useleus, the Ancient Greek buffoon created by Alexander Matthews and me, has his third four-page outing in The Phoenix this week (#39). And it's absolutely definitely one of my firm personal favourites so far! 
You can pick up a copy from Waitrose or some independent bookshops, but do pay for it before you leave the shop.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dandy, Dandy, where you gonna go now...?

I expect you've heard that The Dandy, at least as a printed comic, is due to end publication in December, on its 75th anniversary. A great shame, of course, but I suppose nothing lasts forever. There is a Save The Dandy campaign, and I guess if you want to be part of it going out and buying the comic would seem like a good start. Ironically -- from what I've seen anyway -- it's easier to find at the moment than it has been for some time.

My character, Mr Meecher The Uncool Teacher, is back in the comic from now til the end, I believe, albeit in reduced circumstances: The powers that be couldn't find a full page classroom for him, so he's in the portakabin of a three-panel mini-strip. 
I also note that the Dandy annual 2013 is now on the shelves, with loads of great stuff, and 12 pages of comics written and drawn by me, as mentioned here before -- three double-page Winker Watsons, and three each single page Badd Lads and Robin Hood's Schooldays. (I drew four Badd Lads pages but one seems to have been left out in a printing error, with a Lew Stringer Smasher page being printed twice instead) 

I also drew the endpapers for the book, and I drew 75 Dandy characters, past and present, to mark the occasion. Perhaps I'll post a few here between now and December.... Here's Beryl the Peril.

Finally, a bit of good news to end on. The Dandy annual is to continue being published, and I have already been commissioned to draw more Winker Watson for the 2014 book. (In fact, I've already drawn the three double-page spreads -- I know, I'm such a swot!)